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Snapplr is the ultimate screenshot tool for Mac OS X. It's tightly integrated into the system and thus a perfect replacement for the original tool. Yet Snapplr is totally easy to use and adds some great features that make sharing screenshots a breeze. Screenshots hosted on are deleted after one week of inactivity.

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Share your screenshots

Feature iconSnapplr will automatically upload its screenshots to and will put the image's URL on your clipboard so that you can easily share your screen-shots via instant messengers.

Screenshots on demand

Feature iconWith Snapplr you don't need to constantly snap a certain part of your screen to show someone else what you are working on. Just use the Live-feature and screenshots are taken and sent every time the URL is accesed.

System integration

Feature iconSnapplr integrates perfectly into the system. It is a full-fledged replacement the for the system's orignal screen-shooting facilities.

Have questions? Take a look at our FAQ, or just send an email.

Snapplr looks cool, how do I try it?

Just download Snapplr and use it 30 Days for free, with no limitations.

How do I use Snapplr?

Snapplr can either be accessed from the menu bar, or via HotKey. By default it uses the HotKeys that are set in your system. (⌘-⇧-4 to shoot an Area)

This is awesome! How can I buy it?

The easiest way to purchase Snapplr is by using its build-in store. Once the payment is done, Snapplr is automatically activated. Alternatively you can go to the online-shop

Ups, I uploaded something I didn't want. How do i delete a Snap?

If you uploaded something noone should see, just don't tell anyone and the Snap is gone after 24h.

To delete Snaps, enter a password in the preferences panel in Snapplr. If a password is set, you can use it to delete a Snap.

My serial doesn't work, how do I register Snapplr?

Snapplr's serials are images. You register Snapplr by draggin the serial image on the preferences window. You must not modify this image in any way or Snapplr will not accept it.

Where is the FAQ?

You're reading it!